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Monday, September 12, 2011

First Lesson About Microsoft Access


Click Start in your computer, if there have been looking for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Access dank ilk so that we can use the program:
Look at the picture!.

Or it could kilk All Programs, locate and above Microsoft Access, click and look for Microsoft Office Access, as shown below:

Once open Microsoft Access, it appears the screen below:

Once the screen appears Microsoft Access, and then we used to use the Blank Database:

Then we click Blank Database, it will appear to the right of the screen as below:

Blank screen appears on the right we use database that is ready with instructions ditergantungkan some databases that we have used, until ditulisan appear first database1 if we use it, or database2 a second time, or so on the database3, database4,
then you click Create on the data listed below:

After mengkilk Cerate it would appear directed to the table, see the image below:

After that point the cursor to the table that look yellow or ketulisan table next to his left, and right click the mouse on the table, the meal will come some of the commands listed sepereti: Save, Save As, Close, Close All, Design View and Datasheet View and then we click we want as shown below:

and after that we started to use the data we want with the advent of the command to change the name on the screen, now we can fill in the name we want,

eg STUDENT DATA, DATA EMPLOYEES, RESIDENT DATA, and other data based on the program that we want, see picture below ni:

Once we enter what we want, then we click Ok if we want is just right, or can simply click OK if the table is considered to be and we do not forget if repair or design, or it could be after the Save As command appear directly click Ok look left writings table1, table2, table3 and so on, can we change the name of the table with the right mouse click ditulisan Table1, there are special commands to rename a table with a click rename, but it must be remembered that there ditengan Microsof screen on vacant positions with diklos first.

This image to menggati Table1 name with the click Rename

For example replaced with STUDENT DATA

After appearing penggantia name, we can fill those recorded with what we want it like this:

We click on STUDENT DATA, and follow the instructions by clicking the right mouse button and then we follow the instructions, especially if we want to design by clicking the Design View

Afterwards, we can fill in Design view View with writing up the ID and like what they see drawn, and let the ID stored, due to merekort and menertiban what we record is automatically filled with its own rules, then we fill underneath ID with what we want, for example by filling in NO, NAME, ADDRESS, AGE, CLASS, PARENT and the other Student Data

But must be followed when we enter an inscription above the Microsoft Access sometimes reject in particular given the signs in writing, such written point, komam, slashes and other.

Under the Field Name column for a while under the ID as above, we are content with what we want and can add, replace and delete it.

In fied Name / Field Name:
In the Name column Feild, you can enter the names of the field, while the rules for the feild name is:
- In a table do not exist with the same name,
- Length Field may consist of 64 kerakter which is a combination of letters, numbers, spaces and special characters except a period (.), An exclamation mark (!), The quotes above ('), as well as a right-angled brackets ([ ]).

Then we note the Data Type is used to determine the data type of a field in a table, with the option type as shown drawn:

You can understand some of the usefulness of Data Type ditabel below

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